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They're using a strategy called Private Lending.

Private Lending is a strategy that more investors are using today to gain many of the benefits of "traditional" real estate investing without becoming an active real estate investor.

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How To Earn A Passive Income Without Ever Buying A House, Fixing A Toilet or Renting A Property

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Passive Income Investing In Real Estate

ORW EQUITY PARTNERS is the premier supplier of off market properties to some other the leading investor in the USA. Based in the Kansas City, Missouri area, ORW has been consistently delivering turn-key and vacant real estate to professional investors since 2009. This one stop shop for investors means that novice and experienced investors alike can share in the riches of real estate. Our team of professionals will guide you through the complexities of real estate investing so you can begin building wealth through your own portfolio of cash flowing rental homes. ORW is now in 13 different markets across the USA.

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